48 hours of continuous bucket list experiences

Branding, Website Section, Video



How much awesome can you fit into 48 hours?

Two lucky people get to spend 48 hours being whisked from one insane event to the next… Private helicopters, yachts, skydiving, first pitch at a White Sox game, penthouse suites, Michigan Ave. shopping spree, gamble $1,000 casino chip, and dinner with Top Chef, Stephanie Izard; along with some other surprises along the way! It’s 48 hours of total badassery!!

The Challenge

We needed to create a logo, website, and promotional video that captured the essence of just how “badass” BADASS 48 is. Since the concept of this promotion/event is brand new, and slightly complicated, it was vital that the website clearly communicated what listeners could potentially win, and how they could win.

My Role

I provided direction for the logo, presenting our designer’s comps to our Promotions Department, Programming Department, and Sales Department, narrowing feedback and ideas to one final logo. Then, I was in charge of designing the one-page website, from conceptualization, to design, to UI/UX, to final bulid-out. I was also instrumental in direction for the promotional video, working closely with our videographer to capture the necessary “badass” tone for the video that would register with our audience.


101WKQX (Cumulus Media)


Art Direction, Web Design & Development, UI/UX, Content Strategy


Sabrina Česas – Logo
Zach Spangler – Photography
Giorgio Reyes – Video, Photo



Fast-paced design and development

While I worked on the design and development of the website, I also worked with our graphic designer on developing a logo that was fitting for this epic event. Additionally, I worked with our videographer to create a video that captured all of the nuances of this major event, while delivering a particular tone that complimented our alternative Rock radio station.

BADASS 48 Logo Sketch 2
BADASS 48 Logo Sketch 3
BADASS 48 Logo Sketch 1
BADASS 48 Logo Sketch 4

Logo Sketches:

Sabrina, our graphic designer, designed these various sketches for the various departments to evaluate. I steered everyone towards the ALL CAPS font used in the 3rd and 4th sketch, because I felt that that particular font was more fitting for a event of this magnitude, for an Alternative Rock radio station.

BADASS 48 - Final Logo

Chosen Logo:

After much back-n-forth, this is the font, color/effect that all our departments agreed upon for the “final” logo.

BADASS 48 Sketch
BADASS 48 Sketch

Preliminary Website Sketches:

These loose wireframes demonstrate my early page layout ideas, as well as UI/UX ideas, and how all those items would translate on desktop and mobile.



Conveying badassery

I worked closely with our videographer to identify transitions and logo animations that were fitting for this event with all of the b-roll footage he shot in preparation for the roll-out of this event on our website.

Promo Video:

This video was used on YouTube, Facebook, and on our website to help promote BADASS 48.



Stick with what’s been working

We decided to not reinvent the wheel for layout of this website, and opted to repurpose much of the layout and functionality that worked so successfully for PIQNIQ and the Loop 40th Anniversary. This one-page website for BADASS 48 provides all the necessary info for our audience, and the dynamic sticky nav allowes users to easily jump from section to section.

Video background, and sticky nav:

This video demonstrates the desktop experience, the use of the video background creates a more polished perception, and the sticky nav (with smooth scroll) creates an improved user experience that lends itself nicely to this whole page.

BADASS 48- Main Page - Browser
BADASS 48 - Main Page - iPhone

Responsive Layout:

This website is fully responsive. Both of these figures are scrollable, helps to showcase the page layout. (scrollable)



A variety of engagement, resulting in one epic event

The design and promotion of BADASS 48 culminated in a final event at Fatpour Tapworks, in which 200 qualified registrants (from the 4 weeks of promotion) were invited for a shot at the grand prize. Another 150 people showed up as “walk-in” registrants. Ultimately, 1 lucky listener was crowned the grand prize winner of the experiences of BADASS 48.


People participated in the final event


Total pageviews in 4 weeks for the BADASS 48 page


Reach for BADASS 48 posts on Facebook

BADASS 48 - Final Event
BADASS 48 - Final Event
BADASS 48 - Final Event
BADASS 48 - Final Event
BADASS 48 - Final Event
BADASS 48 - Final Event
BADASS 48 - Final Event
BADASS 48 - Final Event

Final Event at Fatpour Tapworks:

Over 400 excited listeners gathered at the final event for a chance to be the grand prize winner!

BADASS 48 - Activities
BADASS 48 - Activities
BADASS 48 - Activities
BADASS 48 - Activities

During the 48 hours:

We followed our grand prize winner around as she and her boyfriend went from one epic experience to another.

BADASS 48 - Facebook Live Video
BADASS 48 - Facebook Live Video

Facebook Reach:

We used Facebook Live video and Facebook posts to update our audience on our grand prize winner’s progress throughout the whole 48 hours.