Scott Weiland

As part of a larger series I’m working on centered around Seattle-based Alternative grunge bands, I’ve been sketching out a handful of studies of their iconic frontmen. This particular study is near and dear to me… I’m convinced that if I was 10 years older, Stone Temple Pilots would, hands down, be my ALL-TIME FAVORITE band. Much of that feeling is credited to the stage presence of Scott Weiland.

It didn’t stop there… to solidfy his status as one of Rock-N-Roll’s best frontmen, Weiland joined forces with former Guns N’ Roses members to create Velvet Revolver, whose hits “Slither” and “She Builds Quick Machines” are still in heavy rotation on my Spotify.

In 2010, a few friends and I went to an STP show at the Riv in Chicago. Sure, prolonged drug abuse robbed Weiland of his fluid motor skills, but he put on a fantastic show nonetheless.

With the illustration below, I do my best to pay respects to one of the most charismatic frontmen of my generation.

Scott Weiland Illustration

The Quintessential Showman:

Weiland was at his best when performing for The Dave Letterman Show in the mid 90s.