Illustration, T-Shirt

Dave Matthews Band at Wrigley Field

In 2010, my friends and I made some bootleg t-shirts for the Dave Matthews Band show at Wrigley. We printed off 100 shirts, and brought them to Wrigleyville to see if we could sell them. Within a matter of minutes, all of the shirts were GONE!

Dave Matthews Band - T-shirt front
Dave Matthews Band - T-shirt front design
Dave Matthews Band - T-shirt back
Dave Matthews Band - T-shirt back design

T-Shirt Details:

Nothing too complicated… For the front of the shirt, I simply recreated the Wrigley Field marquee sign, and added in the tour date for the DMB show. For the back, I created this stylized mark of Dave Matthews, doing his iconic fancy footwork while playing the guitar.

Wrigley Field marquee sign

Wrigley Field Marquee:

I took this picture just a couple hours before the show began.

Dave Matthews Band t-shirt


My friend, modeling the hottest bootleg DMB shirt on the market.

Dave Matthews Band rooftop

During the show:

Me and my friends, enjoying the show from the left field rooftops.