Interactive Map

Haunted House Finder

This is a working prototype I created for a Halloween section on our radio station websites. Every year, there’s a handful of local haunted houses that pay to have their logo and website link listed within this Halloween section.

The Challenge

If the user is unfamiliar with a particular listing, they may need to do a little more work to determine where exactly that particular haunted house is located in Chicago.

The Solution

My prototype simplifies this whole process by making an interactive correlation between the logo and it’s location on a map of the Chicagoland area.

Haunted House Finder - Sketch 1
Haunted House Finder - Sketch 2

Prelim Sketches:

These sketches lay out my thought process for this interactive map, providing users two different methods to identify haunted houses and their relative locations.

Final Interactive Map:

Users have the option to roll over the house logos on the left, or over the pins themselves to help them identify a haunted house they’d like to go to.