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The city’s biggest festival; exclusive after party

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Custom microsite dedicated to 101WKQX’s involvement with Lollapalooza

101WKQX has been a radio partner with Lollapalooza for several years, and has the privilege of providing exclusive Lolla-related content to the 101WKQX listeners/fans. During the festival, the 101WKQX DJs interview nearly 40 different bands, all of which are broadcasted on Facebook Live. After the shows, each night, there’s a handful of “Aftershows” that 101WQKX hosts – providing unique opportunities for 101WKQX listeners to win entry into each aftershow by registering on Lastly, 101WKQX has the privilege to host one more exclusive After Party on a swanky Chicago rooftop, packed with celebrities, and furnished with food, drinks, and dance music!

The Challenge

We needed to create a section on the website that features all the info for our involvement with Lollapalooza this year, with links that direct users to Lollapalooza’s website, and with info about our various ticket giveaways. Additionally, we also needed to build out sections to house photos and videos from previous years’ involvement at Lolla. Lastly, we needed a custom logo and dedicated page for the exclusive After Party, which was featured prominantly on 101WKQX’s website.

My Role

I was in charge of building the whole Lolla section on, from determining content flow, to design and development. Also, I worked with my team to build out the branding for our After Party, which consisted of a custom logo, and interactive web page.


101WKQX (Cumulus Media)


Art Direction, Web Design & Development, UI/UX, Content Strategy


Sabrina Česas – Logo, Print Design
Giorgio Reyes – Video



Building a foundation

Since we had a lot of content from previous years at Lolla, I began sketching out a sitemap and wireframes to help me strategize the content flow for our new Lolla section on 101WKQX’s website. I also began design and development for the After Party page, modeling my graphics after the logo that our graphic designer created (below). To add a little sex appeal to After Party page, I collaborated with our videographer to create a textural background video for the page’s masthead.

Lolla Section Wireframe
Lolla Section Wireframe

Website Wireframes:

Sketching helps me to visualize page structure, and gives me a blue print for my final designs. The sketches also help me strategize my build-out process.

After Party Sketch
After Party Graphics

After Party Graphics:

For the after party masthead graphics, I began by sketching out a couple of rough ideas, then turned to Illustrator and Photoshop for the polished finished versions.



Content-rich online experience

This is the section I built out to support all of 101WKQX’s involvement with Lolla, full of ticket giveaways, and info about the exclusive after party. I also carved aside some space for photo and video content from previous years at Lolla. To relate better to Lolla’s official website, I incorporated their color scheme into the design of our section.

Lolla - Current Year Landing Page - Browser
Lolla - Current Year Landing Page - iPhone

Lolla Landing Page:

This website is fully responsive. Both of these figures are scrollable, helps to showcase the page layout.

Lolla - Relived Section Landing Page - Browser
Lolla - Relived Section Landing Page - iPhone

Archived Content:

This is the landing page for the “Relived” section, full of content from previous years of 101WKQX’s involvement at Lolla. (scrollable)

Lolla - Relived 2016 Landing Page - iPhone
Lolla - Relived 2016 Sample Post - iPhone
Lolla - Relived 2016 Sample Post - iPhone
After Party - Landing Page - Browser
After Party - Landing Page - iPhone

After Party Page:

This is the web page we built for 101WKQX’s after party. (scrollable)

Lively Video background:

This video demonstrates the textural video background that we incorporated to add a little more excitement to the page itself.



Unique opportunities for 101WKQX fans to engage with

The custom assets that my team and I created was a conduit for 101WKQX fans to exclusive Lolla interviews, aftershows, a premiere after party, and a variety of content from previous years at Lollapalooza!


Aftershows presented by 101WKQX


Registrants for the exclusive After Party


Pageviews on 101WKQX’s Lolla section