Annual One-Day Summertime Concert Festival

Website, Video, Print



Modern, simplified experience, tailored to a tech-savvy audience

Every summer, thousands of young fans flock to Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park for 101WKQX’s all-day concert festival called PIQNIQ, featuring nearly a dozen of today’s biggest Alternative bands/musicians!

The Challenge

We were required to build this custom PIQNIQ website on 101WKQX’s existing CMS, which has provided some challenges with slow page loading speeds. So, it was imperative to make the most of every page visit, providing users with all the necessary info about the festival (bands, venue, date, how to win tickets) on a one-page format, emphasizing an improved UI/UX that allowed users to jump from section to section quickly, and enabling users to purchase tickets in a clear-cut manner.

My Role

I designed and developed this custom one-page “microsite”, from loose wireframes, to graphics, to all the code. I worked closely with the Promotions Department, the Programming Department, and the Sales Department, as well as with people from my team, to ensure that we provided our passionate fans with an experience that enabled them to find the info they were looking for, turning pageviews into ticket sales.


101WKQX (Cumulus Media)


Art Direction, Web Design & Development, UI/UX, Content Strategy


Sabrina Česas – Logo, Print Design
Alex Goykhman – Photography
Bill Whitmire – Photography
Daniel Klutznick – Photography
Zach Spangler – Photography
Julia Paul – Photography
Giorgio Reyes – Video



Fast-paced design and development

Over the years of working in radio, I’ve learned to lean on the strenths of the people in my department to complete a variety of design projects for our larger “tent pole” events. For PIQNIQ, the graphic designer on my team was tasked with developing the logo and all the printed pieces, allowing me to focus on website content build-out. To make the PIQNIQ website more dynamic, I chose to incorporate video into the background, so I worked with our videographer to create something appropriate.

Inspiration For Website Graphics:

This is the poster that was created to promote PIQNIQ. This piece provided me with a variety of visuals that I used to establish consistency from print to web.


Preliminary Website Sketches:

These loose wireframes demonstrate my early page layout ideas, as well as UI/UX ideas, and how all those items would translate on desktop and mobile.



A logical evolution

The new PIQNIQ one-page website is a fresh take on layout that references the established masthead from the general 101WKQX website, yet introduces a new content hierarchy to emphasize the festival’s content. When people navigate to this PIQNIQ page, I wanted to create an experience that was new and exciting, while still relating, visually, to the aesthetic of the rest of the 101WKQX website.

Video background, and sticky nav:

This video demonstrates the desktop experience, the use of the video background creates a more polished perception, and the sticky nav (with smooth scroll) creates an improved user experience that lends itself nicely to this whole page.

PIQNIQ - Main Page - Browser
PIQNIQ - Main Page - iPhone

Responsive Layout:

This website is fully responsive. Both of these figures are scrollable, helps to showcase the page layout. (scrollable)



Building buzz on social media

When we announced the concert event to our listeners, we crafted this custom video and pushed it out to our 101WKQX’s social media accounts to spread the word to our rabid fanbase. Pre-promote videos like this are a great way to compliment large tent pole concert events like PIQNIQ.

10 bands for $20:

Straightforward messaging that resonate with our fans, along with visuals that relate to rest of the PIQNIQ branding.



Additional onsite design elements

Every year at PIQNIQ, in addition to all of the pre-promotion assets we design, there’s a plethora of day-of onsite assets that we design to build a richer fan experience, ranging from stage backdrops, to wayfinding signage, to lanyards & apparrel. We also partner with various sponsors to build/brand spin-off experiences within the whole PIQNIQ concert event. For example, the James & Sons’ “ROCK Your PIQNIQ” promotion, and also the 101WKQXperience with Dashboard Confessional, sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts.

PIQNIQ - Additional Assets

Branding a full concert experience:

I was integral in the design & development of all the assets used to help support this concert event.

PIQNIQ T-shirt
PIQNIQ T-shirt detail

Official PIQNIQ T-shirt:

I created a custom t-shirt featuring our unofficial 101WKQX mascot, the PIQNIQ Bear.


Free Engagement Ring Giveaway:

James & Sons Fine Jewelers, one of our many PIQNIQ sponsors, wanted to help out our 101WKQX fans by relieving some of the pressure surrounding an engagement proposal. They did so by providing listeners with an opportunity to win a FREE engagement ring… and this is the logo we designed for this spin-off program



Success on all fronts

Every year, PIQNIQ always does very well… it’s a festival that kicks off the summer concert season and always resonates with our listeners. Regarding the PIQNIQ one-page website, I was very pleased to see the amount of pageviews that were generated, which I feel demonstrates the value in a well-conceived user experience. We saw a dramatic increase in traffic on the day of PIQNIQ, as pageviews soared to 300% more than a typical Saturday on 101wkqx.com.


Passionate fans attended PIQNIQ


Total pageviews that PIQNIQ generated on 101wkqx.com


Increase in pageviews on day of PIQNIQ


Great Bands, Great Fans:

These images capture the spirit of the event, and further underline the success!