Windy City Sips

Chicago’s new spirited tasting event

Branding, Print, Website



Building a brand for an upscale cocktail event

Cumulus Media is continuously looking for ways to generate revenue outside of the norm for radio industry… we call this non-traditional revenue (NTR). Several years ago, we created a cluster event that all of our radio stations help promote called Windy City BREWHAHA, which was a huge success. Inspired by that success, we decided to create an additional NTR event called Windy City Sips, tailored around cocktails and food.

The Challenge

My department was asked to create a logo, printed promotional items, and a full website to support the event, with ticket info, venue info, and a listing of all participating vendors.

My Role

I oversaw the department responsible for producing all the visual elements for this promotion. Our graphic designer created the logo and the print elements, while I designed and developed the website. I also created a new mailing list in MailChimp to enable newsletter signup for this program.

Sad News

Unfortunately, two weeks after the website launched, we ended up pulling the plug on this whole event for reasons that were outside of our control.


Cumulus Media – Chicago (Cumulus Media)


Art Direction, Web Design & Development, UI/UX, Content Strategy


Sabrina Česas – Logo, Print Design



Bringing ideas to life

While our graphic designer created a logo (below), and other print elements like the flyer (below), I began the website build-out with a couple of sketches to map out my design and page layout, and then turned to Shutterstock to find the appropriate imagery to help compliment the desired tone that Sabrina and I were looking for as we built this brand for Windy City Sips.

Windy City Sips - Final Logo

Chosen Logo:

This is the final logo that my team’s graphic designer created for the event.

Windy City Sips - Flyer

Flyer Mockup:

This was the promotional flyer mockup our graphic designer created.

Windy City Sips - Sketch
Windy City Sips - Sketch

Prelim Website Sketches:

Sketching helps me to visualize page structure, responsiveness, and gives me a blue print for my final designs.

Windy City Sips Photography
Windy City Sips Photography
Windy City Sips Photography
Windy City Sips Photography

Brand Photography:

These are examples of the photography that I handpicked (from Shutterstock) to acheive a certain visual tone for my website designs.



Strong responsive foundation

I built the website to house a variety of content, ranging from basic event details, to enabling ticket sales, to newsletter sign-up, to a vast listing of participating vendors. Careful thought was put into all the details to ensure a great user experience, while developing a site that would be easy to maintain & update throughout the duration of promotion. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the event shortly after we launched. To better communicate my vision for layout and design, I added some placeholder content in the presentation below.

Windy City Sips - Homepage - Browser
Windy City Sips - Homepage - iPhone

Responsive Layout:

This website is fully responsive. Both of these figures are scrollable, helps to showcase the page layout.

Windy City Sips - Menu - Browser

Menu Overlay:

This static demonstrates the design/layout of the menu overlay that we created for the website.

Windy City Sips - About Page - iPad View
Windy City Sips - Venue Page - iPad View
Windy City Sips - About Page - iPhone View
Windy City Sips - Vendors Page - iPhone View
Windy City Sips - Common Threads Page - iPhone View


The event that got away

For a handful of complicated reasons, Windy City Sips was cancelled shortly after it was announced. The bummer of it all was that my team and I had only scratched the surface on all of the design assets that we had intended to build to support the event. Nonetheless, we were still pretty proud of what we were able to accomplish. On to the next project…

Windy City Sips - Closed

Closing Time:

In the wise words of Semisonic, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”